Welcome to  H.A.B.S.S. Community First Responders

cfrH.A.B.S.S. Community First Responder group went Live on 24th December 2013, initially serving five villages on the Woodbridge Peninsula.  Since going live, we have extended our service to cover an additional 2 villages. To improve our availability, we now need more volunteers to train as First Responders (it’s a three-day course) and be on call for a few hours each week, ready to help others. Duty times can be as flexible as you need. We fit ours around our other activities and change them when necessary.

Our Community First Responder group is one of many in East Anglia working in partnership with the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust.  To find out more about what we do and find out how you can help, please follow the links to the left of this page.

volunteerOur scheme operates on the Woodbridge Peninsula in Suffolk, initially covering five villages: Hollesley, Alderton, Bawdsey, Shottisham & Sutton. We have now extended our service to include Boyton and Ramsholt.  Our group’s  equipment has been entirely funded by generous donations from local people, parish councils and businesses.

If you would like to know more about the scheme or what is involved in becoming a first responder, we would be delighted to hear from you.


A person has collapsed in the street, their breathing is not normal, or maybe they have stopped breathing all together.  Call 999 immediately.  As soon as you (or someone close by) has called the emergency services, start CPR (Cardial Pulmonary Resuscitation) as quickly as possible.

Ask someone around you to look around to see whether an AED is available (sometimes fixed to walls outside supermarkets).  Don’t worry if you have never used one before, the machine will talk you through what to do.  If you have someone helping you, ask them to prepare the AED and shock pads whilst you continue with manual CPR.

Don’t get flustered, keep calm and remember, doing something is better than doing nothing.