About Us

It is important to note that CFRs are not a substitute for the Ambulance Service.

Because we are based within our local community, we are able to attend the scene of an emergency call in a very short time; often within the first few minutes and, in the majority of incidents, we will be first on scene.

Our early intervention further increases the patient’s chance of survival. We may not need to bring out and use equipment but just provide the simple reassurance that the ambulance crew are on their way.

People sometimes ask us what sort of incidents we get called to – do we only go to those that the Ambulance Service consider not worth sending an ambulance to?

Most certainly not is the answer. If there is an ambulance 999 call in our area and we are on duty – we get sent. In fact we are probably at our most valuable when there is a dire emergency because we can get to an incident far faster than an ambulance.  We are already in the Community!

As we are fully trained by the Ambulance service and officially appointed Community First Responders, we are able to administer vital, life-saving first aid treatment before the arrival of an Ambulance crew.

For example, if you or a relative had a heart attack we could be on the scene in minutes: our medical kit carries the same resuscitation equipment as an ambulance crew, and our volunteers are fully trained to use it.

Of course we all hope the equipment won’t be necessary, but if it is, the time saved in getting to you could mean the difference between life and death.

Saving Time can Save Lives

We do not of course replace the regular Ambulance Service. When you dial 999, the control room will dispatch a First Responder team (if available) in addition to the ambulance. It is simply that, because of our proximity, we can arrive sooner, and start procedures that may save precious time, and with it, a life, your life or that of a loved one perhaps!